Kids Matter to Us

We have special options for kids when you feel comfortable to entrust them to us.  There is childcare for infants and toddlers available from the beginning of worship to the end.  Kids preschool through 5th grade start with the adults in the main auditorium for music and a short kids’ message.  They are then welcomed to leave the service at about 10:20 for a kid-designed program.  They’ll learn Bible stories, play games, and make crafts.

Because we want your kids to have a great time, we choose volunteers who love to work with children.  And because we are concerned for their safety, everyone who works with them has is background checked.  We require parents to sign their kids in and out, and to fill in information about them that will help us better care for them.



Freedom Friday     November 3               Another night out for the parents – 2 1/2 hours of peace, quiet & freedom.  Meanwhile your kids will have a blast:  pizza, movie, and games.  Only $5 per kid.


Mary Casey Black Elementary (480 Farmington Dr. – Brentwood).